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uCertify TEST is an assessment tool to allow instructors to create and deliver assessments, analyze and provide feedback in a constructive manner.

uCertify TEST is a simple and effortless way to create assessments, quizzes and practice tests. This cloud-based, highly scalable solution can be used to quickly deliver assessments & test-preps to a browser or device anytime, anywhere. In addition, educators have the option to add remote proctoring and badges by simply adding a service of their choice.

uCertify TEST comes complete with item banks. Educators can choose a large number of innovative items to create assessments and Test Prep. Educators also have an option of importing items from other authoring tools and item banks into uCertify TEST.

Test Screenshot
  • Practice Test Main Page: Click on Practice Test A or B to start the test
  • Practice Test Start Page: Check your knowledge in learn, test, or review mode
  • Feedback on submitting the test.
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