ICT Computing Essentials

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Gain hands-on expertise in ICT Computing Essentials exam with ICT Computing essentials course. This course focuses on fundamentals of computers and functionality and provides the understanding to identify internal computer hardware components and their functions, demonstrate proficiency using common computer peripherals, describe various types of computer software, manage files in an operating system, and demonstrate knowledge of computer networking.

Skills You’ll Get

The ICT Essentials Suite encompasses a field of 10 technology areas spanning the three domains of information, communications, and media technologies. ICT Computing Essentials exam objectives cover demonstrating fundamental knowledge of computers and their uses; identifying computer hardware components and their functions and demonstrating proficiency using common computer peripherals; describing various types of computer software and managing files in an operating system; and demonstrating knowledge of computer networking.

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Introduction to Computers

  • Points to Ponder
  • What Is a Computer?
  • How Computers Are Used
  • Types of Computers
  • Computer Systems

Computer Hardware

  • Points to Ponder
  • System Components
  • Input Devices
  • Output Devices
  • Data Storage Devices
  • Input/Output (I/O) Ports

Computer Software

  • Points to Ponder
  • Software Essentials
  • System Software
  • Application Software
  • File Management

Computer Networking

  • Points to Ponder
  • What Is a Network?
  • Network Topologies
  • Network Models
  • Connecting to a Network
  • The OSI Reference Model

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ICT Computing Essentials


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