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CIW Web Foundations Series

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CIW Web Foundations Series 

CIW Web Foundations Series certification program is a vendor-neutral, entry-level credential designed for computer professionals to work effectively in business environment; understand and work effectively with Internet protocols, Internet connection methods, the Domain Name System (DNS), cloud computing and mobile devices; manage and identify the fundamental elements of project and program management. CIW Web Foundations Series objectives:

  • Web Browsing
  • Multimedia on the Web
  • Internet Communication
  • Protecting Yourself Online

CIW Internet Business Associate 

The CIW Internet Business Associate certification is designed for IT professionals, Healthcare professionals, Legal professionals, Marketing professionals, Graphic artists, and Business professionals. The certification provides you the knowledge about basic functions of Web browsers, components of Web addresses, use and control of cookies, and browser use in the business world.

CIW Site Development Associate

The CIW Site Development Associate certification provides you essential Web page development skills. The certification is designed for IT professionals, Marketing professionals, Graphic artists, and Web site designers. The certification teaches Web site development using Hypertext Markup Language version 5 (HTML5) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as well as using graphical user interface (GUI) authoring tools, and many more.

CIW Network Technology Associate

The CIW Network Technology Associate Certification develops your fundamental understanding of networking, Internet protocols and network security and is important for all professionals who use the Internet. The certification focuses on the essential networking technologies and skills, including TCP/IP, stable network creation, wireless networking and network troubleshooting, and many more.

uCertify provides study guide for CIW Web Foundations Series exam.

Requirements for CIW Web Foundations Series

The CIW Web Development series consists of three specialist certification exams:

1D0-61A - CIW Internet Business Associate Certification

1D0-61B - CIW Site Development Associate Certification

1D0-61C -  CIW Network Technology Associate Certification

If you are willing to start a career in the field of Website development, pass all three certification exams and become a CIW Web Foundations Associate Certified.