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CIW Web Development Series

CIW Web Development Series Certification is a vendor-neutral, entry-level credential designed for IT, marketing professionals, web site designers, and graphic artists. The certification provides expertise of the following:

  • Form validation
  • Image animation
  • Program flow control
  • Web content creation
  • Authoring and scripting
  • Web site implementation

CIW JavaScript Specialist 

The CIW JavaScript Specialist certification focuses on the fundamental concepts of the JavaScript language. This certification will validate your expertise of using JavaScript to communicate with users, modify the Document Object Model (DOM), control program flow, validate forms, animate images, create cookies, and many more.

 CIW Database Design Specialist

The CIW Database Design Specialist certification is designed for individuals pursuing product-focused database specialization. The certification provides proficiency to use DB2, Oracle Database 11g, MS SQL and MySQL, Structured Query Language (SQL), and database optimization through normalization.

CIW Perl Specialist

The CIW Perl Specialist certification is designed for developers using the Perl programming language in Web application development. The certification validates your expertise in Perl language essentials, including syntax, regular expressions and data types, Perl code development, including accessing and manipulating files.

uCertify provides study guide for CIW Web Development Series exam.

Requirements for CIW Web Development Series Certification

The CIW Web Development series consists of three specialist certification exams:

1D0-735 - CIW JavaScript Specialist certification 1D0-541 - CIW Database Design Specialist Certification

1D0-437 - CIW Perl Specialist Certification

If you are willing to start a career in the field of development, then be a CIW Web Development Professional by passing all three certification exams.